Berlin – Voice of a new generation

Salvador Angeles

Project description

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is famous for being a cosmopolitan, multicultural city as well as a haven for artists from all over the globe. It has a unique character and a way to express itself to the world. A place with a rich and turbulent history, full of brightness and darkness, but yet it is precisely that, history.

This beautiful city, which I can proudly consider as my second home, has also become well known for its internal conflicts in the last couple of years. Social, political and economic issues have made citizens raise their voice in order to show the world, that although we have moved on from the past, the history of this nation is not just acknowledged but with many the lessons learned. A palette of black and grey in the lives of Berliners. Citizens of all ages are speaking up, giving a step up and screaming for those who can not be heard and for those who are not even born yet, the future generations.

This series aims to show the voice of those who care about future, who want a better place to live for our children, and those desire that society never again repeats the same mistakes of the past. Equality, anti racism, climate change and responsible consumption were some of the reasons behind these very familiar and common activities in Berlin: “die Demonstrationen”, where one voice among the many can be part of a unique choir, tuning into each other, lifting all higher.