Urban Isolation

Jonathan Gallagher

Project description

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, the largest metropolis on the planet. A city propelling itself towards progress, innovation and creating a harmonious society for all, yet often at the expense of the individual.

This can be seen in, excessive work place pressure, which is seen as the largest cause of the ever declining birth rate; one of the smallest living quarters per person of any developed nation; and low quality home care for the ageing, as families play less of a role in aiding the elderly, most likely due to work demands.

This breeds a culture of social isolation in adults of all ages, high stress, loneliness and depression, often with bleak outcomes.

This series aims to capture that reality, by surrounding such individuals within their highly artificial, refined and urban surrounding, void of even a hint of anything natural beyond themselves. We observe them, and see how perhaps the urban world pushes them further away, towards the digital.

With this normality highlighted, many questions come to mind. Is this a future we all are steering towards? Is the digital realm escapism from our caged urbanisation? Or perhaps further fuelling social isolation?

What can be done to protect future generations against social and mental health issues that our unchecked urbanisation and technological progress may create?

Profile picture Jonathan Gallager is a British freelance animator and aspiring photographer from London, based in Berlin. He enjoys photography the most when used as another medium for artistic expression. His primary interest lies in social commentary. He chooses to go about pursuing this by capturing individuals in abstract and often urban environments. He has also interests in a variety of other forms of photography, be that street, travel, architectural or portraiture.